Hurricane Sandy Cleanup
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Why Choose Us?

AccuTech has achieved a position of prominence in the State of New Jersey, which pioneered the concept of environmental audits as a precondition to the sale of industrial property (ISRA, the Industrial Site Recovery Act).  In 2009, New Jersey instituted the use of licensed site remediation professionals (NJ LSRPs) to oversee investigation and remediation of contaminated sites.  Today, Accutech offers the services of two full-time and two part-time NJ LSRPs to provide the environmental consulting and remediation services needed to help ensure projects are completed properly.

AccuTech has successfully closed hundreds of ISRA compliance projects, which range from simple site assessments to the design and implementation of complex groundwater and soil remediation plans. We have assisted over 1000 lenders, buyers, sellers, and developers with property transfers.  AccuTech NJ LSRPs now issue Response Action Outcomes since the 2009 SRRA eliminated No Further Action letter (NFAs).